In hopes of encouraging and supporting our team to make healthier decisions that will impact their lives greatly, we created the PxHealth Challenge. At the beginning of each month, we draw a charity out of a hat to establish who we will be raising money for.

At the end of the month we then donate the total amount to the charity chosen that month!

Throughout the month we track water consumption (per gallon), bottles of water saved, weight-loss, and miles walked. For each bottle of water saved, gallon drank, pound lost or mile walked, Project X donates $1 to the charity of our teams choice.

During the month of June 2021, our team drew Habitat for Humanity as the charity to support. As a whole, Project X saved 279 bottles of water, drank 145 gallons of water, lost 69 pounds, and walked 449 miles.

All efforts came to a total of $942 dollars that we have donated to Habitat for Humanity to support their efforts of building better lives for others.

Stay tuned for the total of our July challenge!