Halloween is one of those special holidays that all children should be able to enjoy.

Today we welcomed Danielle Dobkins to the office to learn more about Columbus Speech and Hearing Center's Halloween Hop. Our team members Silvana, Sales Executive, and Kaytlyn, Brand Manager, will participate in the event on October 16th.

The Halloween Hop allows for children with special needs to enjoy trick-or-treating, involving language and social interaction skills, as well as a socially established routine. CSHC works to create a positive experience for children with communication and sensory issues during one of the 'sweetest' holidays.

Columbus Speech and Hearing does amazing work through their audiology, hearing aid, speech, and American Sign Language services. They understand that everyone's situation is different and are dedicated to designing programs that are uniquely catered.

Before Danielle left, we awarded her team with a $1,000 donation to go towards the Halloween Hop and the future of our community. Our team was thoroughly inspired to hear Danielle's stories and look forward to following along with their efforts.