We knew our Founder's Day - 2021 needed to be extra special, commemorating and celebrating the successes of the past year. On May 27, 2021, we officially rolled out our new brand, swag gear and new website! With a refined, stylized, and modern look, Project X is ready to take the construction industry by storm. Our team worked to incorporate our ideals of teamwork, communication and dedication into our brand.

Our brand defines how Project X's values and mission drive toward success. While constantly looking towards the future, we are willing to be unique all while remembering our roots and all the collective experiences that have led us to where we are today.

We strive to be a company that values its employees, their lives, and the development of their skills. We hope to provide sound and effective business advice to all we work with and assure that all of our customers have fair and equal participation in the work we conduct.

Project X is determined to be a company that holds respect, hard work, open communication, fairness, and excellence to the highest standard.

When you work at Project X, you work with people who know what it is like to get their hands dirty. They know what an honest days work is. Often times you find our team burning the midnight oil just to prove we can meet the impossible deadlines.


You can't rebrand without a little fun! It was a busy month, but our new swag gear was released to our team: Project X hats, customized tumblers, coffee mugs, vests and t-shirts.


Project X remains true to its word: work hard, play hard. In order to celebrate our Founder's Day 2021, our team loaded up into a bus, wearing our new swag, and took a field trip to Coliseum X. Awaiting us was a private axe-throwing instructor, arcade games and laser tag. Our team took to the events, laughing and cheering each other on.

Always celebrate your accomplishments and remember to have fun!