The Greatest advice we ever received was that to help others succeed and navigate the wild waters of life is the best form of giving back. Over the years we have witnessed many Veterans and early-career people struggle to fit and progress in their lives in this industry. Wanting to do more than just sending a check to the local Wounded Warriors Fund, we wanted to donate the most valuable thing we have, our time. 


If you are a Veteran preparing for a transition, or in your early-career and want to know how to accelerate your growth, click the Veterati logo below and sign up now to connect with the vast network of people who get it. Find me, or someone else to connect and start your coachee experience. It is completely free to you. When you are done doing that, connect with me on LinkedIn and we can work together to strengthen your position in the industry.


Early-Career Construction Professionals

If you are an Early-Career Construction Professional, reach out to me for a cup of coffee and a good talk. If anything, it would be good to meet new people in the industry with fresh ideas. Connect with me on LinkedIn and we can progress from there!

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